DOMA® - Copper sheets

Copper sheets according to EN1172 (Roofing); EN1652 (<1,0 mm)

Due to its excellent physical properties and significant advantages, copper is considered one of the perfect materials for architectural applications.
One of the main applications in the architecture of buildings is roofing. Copper roofs have been erected all over the world for centuries, giving an aesthetic appearance to numerous structures, such as monuments, museums, churches, buildings and houses.


They are produced out of 99.9 % pure phosphorus deoxidized copper
Cu-DHP (CW024A); strength R-240 (half hard).


according toEN1172 (Roofing); EN1652 (<1,0 mm); produced in the EU (Sofia Med – BG).

Taking into account the processing guidelines for metals in roofing – the current state of the art – DOMA® sheets and strips are suitable for unrestricted use in roofing

dimensional range
0,6 - 3,0 x 1000 x 2000 mm
0,6 - 1,0 x 1000 x 3000 mm

Other thicknesses, strengths and designs on request

Titanium zinc sheets

Titanium zinc sheets according to EN 988, bright rolled

Zinc is a durable, aesthetic and maintenance-free building material. Over the years, this material gains increasing beauty due to weathering and the natural zinc patina that forms.


mill finish


produced and stamped in accordance with EN 988


zinc of category Z1 according to EN1179
zinc content min. 99,995 %

Sheets and strips made of zinc are suitable for roofing applications without any restrictions, provided that the processing guidelines are observed.

dimensional range

0,7 x 1000 x 2000 / 3000 mm

other thicknesses, dimensions and designs on request

Copper sheets industry

Copper sheets according to EN 1652 and EN 13599

Due to their excellent mechanical and physical characteristics, the industrial rolled copper, brass and HP-alloy products are widely used in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment, springs, parts and components for the automotive industry, boilers, solar energy collectors and panels, heat exchangers, electrical transformers, connectors, radiators, pre-rolled, high frequency cables, deep drawing quality, wrapping for fire resistance cables, electrical cable wrapping, lighting, coinage.

They are suitable also for marine applications, petrol-chemical, nuclear&medical industries, as well as for machining and special tools, cooking utensils, art and decoration.


according to EN 1652 and EN 13599

Thickness (mm)
Soft (R220) Width (mm)
Medium (R240) Width (mm)
Hard (R290) Width (mm)
0,30 - 0,40*
350 - 1.000
400 - 1.000
400 - 1.000
Wooden box from 500 to 2.000 kg
0,41 - 3,00
150 - 1.250
400 - 1.250
400 - 1.250
with or without
3,01 - 4,00
150 - 1.000
400 - 1.000
400 - 1.000
Paper nesting

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