Brass tubes

Brass tubes according to EN12449
Brass tubes are produced in seamless and welded in a wide range of sizes typically used in residential and commercial constructions as well as in industrial, transportation, and lighting markets.
Seamless brass tubes are produced in various shapes and tempers and are available as extruded and/or cold drawn.
  • Components production
  • bath accessories
  • architectural
  • interior design
  • modern art
  • furnishing and lamps
  • pumps
  • plumbing
  • heat exchangers
  • vehicles
  • musical instruments
  • spray equipment
  • redraw tubes
CW508L, CW511L Other alloys upon requestHard, half-hard, light annealed and annealed. Tubes are delivered stress relieved upon customer’s request.
Welded brass tubes are produced through welding of brass strip under the high frequency method. Hydraulic, pneumatic, expansion and eddy current tests acc. to ASTM B543 and ASTM B587 ensure the high quality of welded tubes. Our wide range of sizes including imperial ones, they can be commonly used in applications such as
  • automotive and ship building industry
  • heat exchange and condenser tubes
  • chemical industry and desalination
  • plumbing and bathroom accessories
  • decoration
  • redraw tubes
  • Copper alloys: (CuZn5/10/15/20/30/33/37 CuZn36Pb0.5 CuZn20AI2).
  • Copper Nickels: (CuNi 10/20/30).
  • Brass: (CuZn28Sn1, CuSn4/6/8).
  • Phosphor bronzes. Other alloys upon request.
  • Welded (Type I and II ASTM Β 587): Soft, half-hard.
  • Welded and drawn (Type III ASTM Β 587): Soft, half-hard, hard.

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