With its unparalleled mix of strength and durability, steel offers robust and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Its versatility finds application in numerous industries and contributes to the realisation of innovative technical solutions.


The power of shipbuilding

In shipbuilding, robustness and durability play a decisive role. Here, heavy plates made of steel offer the ideal solution. They ensure structural stability and formability for complex ship constructions. Their corrosion resistance also contributes to the longevity of the ships.

Strong foundation for constructions

With their high load-bearing capacity and torsional stability, hollow steel sections make a significant contribution to the construction of high-performance, load-bearing structures in the building sector. They allow precise constructions with clean lines and optimise the weight of buildings.

Strong connection for wind energy

Steel bolts are indispensable for wind turbines, especially for the assembly of rotor blades. Their outstanding load-bearing capacity and durability ensure the necessary connection security and stability - even in extreme wind conditions. A key factor for efficient renewable energy systems.

Powerful structure

Hollow steel sections are widely used in the construction of support structures, pipelines and other applications. They offer a robust and durable solution that meets the high loads and requirements in power plants.

Production Plants


Sidenor Stomana
Pernik, Bulgaria


Thessaloniki, Greece

Sidenor Sovel

Sidenor Sovel
Almyros, Greece

Dojran Steel

Dojran Steel
Nikolic, North Macedonia