This wrought alloy is indispensable in many areas of daily life and industry due to its attractive reddish-yellow colour, excellent mechanical properties, high strength and good corrosion resistance.


Your solution for precise shooting

Brass has a high strength, good corrosion resistance and can be machined excellently. For this reason, brass is often used for high-quality components with precise shaping.

Solutions for reliable connections

Brass flanges - the perfect connection solution. With high strength, corrosion resistance and easy machinability, they are indispensable in a wide range of industries. Whether in piping, valves or pumps, brass flanges ensure reliable connections and optimum performance for your equipment. Rely on the proven quality of brass flanges for a long-term and efficient solution.

Your solution for high strength

With high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, they are the ideal choice for diverse applications. Trust the quality of brass screw nuts for durable connections and optimum performance.

Production Plants


Oinofyta, Greece

Sofia Med

Sofia Med
Sofia, Bulgaria