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Copper pipes according to EN 1057 / RAL DVGW

Copper is an ideal material for tubes used in water installations due to its inherent properties.
TALOS® copper tubes for the sanitary and heating industry provide substantial advantages, such as, stable physical and mechanical properties, resistance to high operating pressures and temperatures, air -and water- tightness, antimicrobial properties, ease of installation and long-term cost-effectiveness, standardization in accordance with international regulations.

TALOS® copper tubes ensure the safe and secure operation of plumbing systems for decades and its resistance to corrosion is guaranteed by the cleaning method utilized during manufacturing. The effectiveness of the TALOS® cleaning process has been tested and certified by well-recognized quality organizations.

TALOS® copper tubes, manufactured according to the specifications of European Norm EN1057, are CE marked in accordance with regulation (EU) No.305 / 2011 for Construction Products.


Copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP-Cu) with min. copper content 99,90 % and Ρ = 0,015 % – 0,040 %.


EN 1057

Quality Marks


Range of dimensions
Straight lengths: 6x1,0 mm – 108x2,5 mm
Coils: 6x1,0 mm – 22x1,0 mm


Copper tubes according to EN 12735-1

The unique properties of high purity copper, make TALOS® ACR copper tubes, indispensable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Stable mechanical properties covering an extensive temperature range
  • Chemically “inert” against HFCs, HFOs and natural refrigerants (e.g. R-410A, R-32, R-134A, R-407C, R-1234yf, R-1234ze, R-600, R-744, etc.)
  • High purity of internal surface
  • Smooth internal surface enhancing flow rate
  • Excellent weldability
  • Excellent “cold formability”

Copper phosphorus deoxidised (Cu-DHP), having minimum copper content 99,90 % and P = 0,015 % – 0,040 %.


EN 12735 parts 1 & 2, ASTM B280 / B68 / B743, JIS H3300
All TALOS® ACR copper tubes produced according to EN 12735 parts 1 & 2 are certified according to the requirements of the
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014 / 68 / EU, as well as, the German regulation AD2000 / W6 for pressure vessels.

Quality Marks


Range of dimensions:
Straight lengths: 6 x 1,0 mm – 108 x 2,5 mm
Coils: 6 x 1,0 mm – 22 x 1,0 mm


Cleanliness and Resistance

In the sensitive healthcare areas and installations, it is imperative to use materials that safeguard cleanliness and have a neat appearance and durability.
TALOS® MED copper tubes, can withstand high operating pressures with durability, thanks to the natural strength of copper, hence they are the ideal choice for the construction of medical gases distribution networks.
TALOS® MED copper tubes are manufactured according to the requirements of standard EN 13348. They are supplied with end caps to prevent contamination from dust and other particles during storage or transportation.


Copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP-Cu) with minimum copper content 99,90 % and Ρ = 0,015 % – 0,040 %.


EN 13348

Quality Marks


Range of dimensions:
Straight lengths: 6 x 1,0 mm – 108 x 2,5 mm
Coils: 6 x 1,0 mm – 22 x 1,0 mm


Copper tubes according to EN 12735-1

TALOS® S80 pipes are specially designed for an operating pressure of up to 80 bar. In order to meet the requirements of high CO2 pressure, TALOS® S80 pipes are manufactured with reinforced wall thicknesses compared to TALOS® ACR. TALOS® S80 can be used where the design pressure of the system does not exceed 80 bar, i.e. the CO2 is not transcritical. In practice, this occurs on both the high and low pressure side for subcritical cycles and on the low pressure side for transcritical cycles.

The known installation practices for copper pipes in refrigeration apply to both systems and installation (see standard EN378).

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ΤALOS® S80 Product Features
  • Product features
  • Tailored to the requirements of subcritical CO2 systems
  • Suitable for ACR systems with a design pressure of up to 80 bar
  • Known processing techniques and equipment
  • Excellent cold formability
  • Smooth internal surface to improve flow rate
  • High cleanliness of the inner surface
  • Stable mechanical properties over a wide temperature range
  • Excellent brazing properties
  • Compatible with standardized ACR fittings.

TALOS®S80 tubes are made from Copper-DHP (CW024A, UNS 12200).
They are produced according to EN 12735-1 and internal production specifications and are approved according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014 / 68 / EU.


Copper tubes according to EN 12735-1

TALOS®S60 tubes are specifically designed for a maximum allowable pressure of 60bar and feature a reinforced wall thickness in comparison with the standardized TALOS®ACR tube range.

Combined with TALOS®XS for 120 / 130bar and TALOS®S80 for 80bar, TALOS®S60 for 60bar completes Halcor’s copper tube portfolio for CO2applications and provides the HVAC&R designer a full range of choices corresponding to the unique design conditions.

The well-known installation practices of refrigeration copper tubes apply both in systems and in the field (see relevant EN378 standard for guidelines).

TALOS®S60 Features
  • Suitable for ACR systems with a design pressure up to 60bar
  • Traditional processing techniques and equipment
  • Excellent “cold formability”
  • Smooth internal surface enhancing flow rate
  • High purity of internal surface
  • Stable mechanical properties covering an extensive temperature range
  • Excellent brazing ability
  • Compatible with standardized ACR fittings


Copper-iron pipes according to EN 12735-1

TALOS® XS pipes are designed to withstand high operating pressures of up to 120 / 130 bar. At the same time, TALOS® The well-known laying practices for copper pipes in refrigeration are also followed for TALOS® XS pipes, both in plants and in the field (see the relevant standard EN378 for guidelines). Since the processing methodology remains essentially the same, existing tools and handling equipment are used. This includes soldering with standardized silver solder (minimum silver content of 2%), bending with conventional tools and connecting with standardized fittings made of a copper alloy (CuFe2P).

TALOS® XS product features

Ideally suited for CO2 refrigeration applications
Made from an extra-strong copper-iron alloy (CuFe2P)
Cost-effective and lightweight, manufactured with comparatively thinner wall thicknesses
Traditional known processing techniques and equipment
Compatible with existing fittings made from the same alloy
Clearly marked and easy to identify


Copper-iron alloy (CuFe2P) with chemical composition according to EN12449 (CW107C) and UNS C19400


Dimensional Tolerances: Internal production specifications, EN 12735-1

Internal Cleanliness

EN 12735-1

Mechanical Properties

R300 acc. to EN 12735-1 and VdTÜV WB567, R420 acc. to EN12735-1 upon request

Form of delivery

Straight lengths with end caps, in bundles, bundles or wooden boxes


e.g. Halcor TALOS-XS 9.52 × 0.65 CuFe2P R300 130bar / 1885psi EN12735-1

TALOS®XS for up to 130bar1

1 Maximum permissible pressure of 120bar (1740psi) and 130bar (1885psi) up to 150°C (302°F) and up to -196°C (-320°F), calculated according to EN14276 : 2020.

TALOS® Industrial

Talos® Industrial according to Cu – DHP, ETP, HCP according to EN 12449, EN 13600

Copper tubes for industrial applications

Technical Properties

Copper phosphorus deoxidised (Cu-DHP), having minimum copper content 99,90 % and P = 0,015 % – 0,040 %. Cu-DHP, Cu-ETP, Cu-HCP
Possible specifications: EN 12449, EN13600, EN 1057

Mechanical Properties

Standard & customer specifications

Dimensions & Packaging

customer specifications
Rings, straight lengths and LWC (until 560 kg)


Internally finned copper pipes

TALOS® IGT copper pipes have internal finning that improves the heat transfer of the coolant and thereby the energy efficiency of the entire HVACR unit. Applications for TALOS® IGT include heat exchangers for condensation and/or evaporation in air conditioning and cooling systems, as well as heat pumps.

HALCOR’s production technology for TALOS® IGT copper tubes enables the production of optimal internal surface designs in a wide range of dimensions – from 16mm outside diameter to the new generation of Microgroove™ tubes with an outside diameter of 5mm or less. Halcor is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can offer such solutions.

HALCOR’s options for complete customer solutions are now being further expanded with the new Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory. The system is designed so that actual measurement of the heat exchange of ACR tubes is possible under controlled test conditions. Critical factors such as heat exchange coefficient and pressure drop are measured using a special system for condensation and evaporation of HFC and natural refrigerants as well as single-phase liquids and liquid mixtures. To simulate specific working conditions, thermal and discharge factors are programmed (coolant flow rate, saturation temperature, steam quality, thermal capacity, etc.). This allows Halcor to analyze the real impact of the design of the internal finning in the pipe.

The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory essentially gives Halcor the opportunity to use real test results in overall support for heat exchanger manufacturers and thus contribute to the optimization of heat exchanger design:

Improved efficiency
Higher capacity
Reduction of raw materials
Compact heat exchanger sizes
Reducing the amount of coolant

The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory offers Halcor’s customers the outstanding advantage of mutual cooperation with integrated support and product development.


Copper tubes according to EN 12449 / ASTM B75

TALOS SOLAR PLUS™ tubes have been specially developed for solar panel applications.

The particularly clean outer surface of TALOS SOLAR PLUS™ tubes makes it possible to optimize the welding process between copper or aluminium absorber sheets when using ultrasonic or laser joining techniques.

Higher welding speeds and minimization of the pre-cleaning process lead to time and cost savings in the production of solar absorber panels.

The high thermal conductivity of copper ensures improved thermal efficiency of the solar absorber panel.

Material thickness specifications

Hard (R360 and R290) and soft (R220) in layer wound coils (LWC).

Hard (R360 and R290), semi-hard (R250) and soft (R220) in straight lengths.


Copper-phosphorus-deoxidized (DHP-Cu) with a minimum copper content of 99.90 % and P = 0.015 % – 0.040 %.

Dimensional tolerances

In accordance with EN 12449 or ASTM B75.

Length tolerances can be set to ± 0.50 mm on request.


Higher welding speeds on copper and aluminum absorber plates

Improved thermal efficiency due to high conductivity of the copper and additional cleanliness

Increased production efficiency due to coil weights of up to 580 kg


Industrial applications

TALOS® FORM is an advanced copper tube with exceptional forming properties. TALOS®FORM is characterized by its ability to be formed into shapes that require a high degree of elongation. This advanced forming capability is used in the manufacture of critical HVACR elements such as boiler connection fittings, heat exchanger parts and other intricately shaped components.
The use of TALOS® FORM compared to standard tubes ensures higher productivity, as fewer forming steps are required to achieve a precise shape. At the same time, components made from TALOS® FORM achieve outstanding functional quality.
The improved properties of TALOS® FORM are achieved through a highly controlled production process specifically designed for the purpose. The high formability of TALOS® FORM is proven by measuring the pipe expansion behavior according to the standardized test method EN ISO 8493.

TALOS® FORM product properties
  • High degree of formability and easy processing
  • Ideally suited for HVACR fittings and parts
  • Higher productivity with fewer forming steps


Chrome plated copper pipes according to TB010

TALOS® PLATED™ copper tubes have been developed for use in sanitary and heating installations. These metal plated copper tubes provide unique aesthetics and are suitable for both new build and renovation work. There is no need to conceal the tubes and the result delivers a smart finish, which is easy to keep clean. TALOS® PLATED™ copper tubes possess excellent resistance to internal, as well as, external corrosion due to the inherent properties of copper and the tough external coating. The metallic coating ensures a brightly polished, mirror – like surface that is long lasting and is well matched with other plated accessories found in contemporary bathroom and heating installations.

TALOS® PLATED™ copper tubes are supplied in half hard or soft temper that enables easy bending. This makes TALOS® PLATED™ copper tubes quick to install, saving time and money.

Product Features
  • Long lasting plated surface for that modern chromium look which fits perfectly with contemporary taps, radiators, towel rails and bathroom fittings.
  • Suitable for all exposed plumbing installations, in both horizontal and vertical runs.
  • Half – hard or Soft temper to retain the bendable qualities of copper tube.
  • Supplied in a variety of straight lengths to save waste.

Copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP – Cu) with min. copper content 99.9 % and P = 0.015 % – 0.040 %


Mechanical Properties: EN 1057

Internal cleanliness:

EN 1057

Company Standard


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